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Mind Blowing Tips to Speed UP Computer

Most of the people still do not proper solution to the question like “Why is my computer running slow?”Still it is a big challenge for all users to know the basic reasons behind slow computer. If you are one among them, then you are at correct location where you will get satisfactory answer. There are many reasons as a result of which your PC get slow down and yields big problem. Do not worry, by means of an excellent application you get rid of all these issues and improve speed of PC. Remo More is listed among PC enhancer tools to boost your system performance.

In case you are aware of some about frequent reasons behind slow computer, then it is an advantage for you. Now, it is time to proceed towards frequently seen causes reducing system performance. You system may become slow due to any of the following reasons:

Stop unwanted applications: On the bottom edge of screen, you can see a group of small icons, usually called “System tray”. Every icon represents an app program which is started incompletely or is running in the background. Go to Task manager and end all those apps, which you want to remove.

RAM memory is slow: Make sure whether your PC configuration has sufficient RAM or not. RAM memory play important role in getting high PC. If it is high, then higher will be PC performance.

Uninstall apps: You need to uninstall unwanted apps which are not needed. When apps are installed in the system, few files are written in Registry file. Alterations to the Registry are unnoticeable for users but PC speed is affected gradually.

Wipe out unwanted files: Remove all files from PC HDD, which are not needed. By removing junk files like temporary files, cached Thumbnails and old program setup files you can employ system HDD free of unwanted data.

Empty Recycle bin: If you want to delete useless files from a drive does not mean that files removed permanently at all but instead they moved to temporary memory location for easy restoration. This memory location is referred to as Recycle bin and is displayed in the desktop.

Disable startup applications: When you boot up your computer some app starts automatically and this in turn lead to delay in boot up. As those apps eat more memory, resource, etc. and they keep running in background take enough time to startup. Thus, disable all startup application which automatically boots up the computer. In order to disable these app, go to Start->Run->type in “MSCONFIG” and click Ok. Mark against the apps which you wish to disable and click OK.

HDD space stuffed with many useless files: You might observe that your HDD had more space when you first bought computer. As you use your PC for some days, the hard drive space will be filled with huge number of files and folders. Your hard disk may have plenty of files and apps but few of them are worthless and space consuming. These unwanted files occupy huge space on hard drive and minimize the computer speed.

If these methods fail to speed up your system and worried about “Why Is My Computer Running Slow?” then you can employ this tool. It can clear cache, browsing history, etc. It runs well on Android, Mac and Windows OS. It can provide options like drive defrag, memory optimizer, internet speed enhancer, etc. to boost up a PC.

Basic Software to Speed Up Your Computer

It is really a heart-breaking situation that when you turn on your system, it consumes much time to load. The hidden reason behind behavior is that PC starts loading more slowly over the time because it is full with unnecessary software and junk files as well as folders. Accumulations of such files as well as folders make your PC very slow. If you are really looking to get your system run faster, then simply keep reading this article since here you will get full solution about enhancing your system speed.

Most of the times, your computer starts running slow and it takes enough time to boot up. Are you getting annoyed after seeing your PC’s slow speed? Want to know how to get your computer to run faster? If answers to these questions are yes, then you have come at right location. It is needless to say that working with a system whose speed is absolutely slow, makes you frustrating and irritating. By means of Remo More software, you can fix all the issues that are consuming much time to load any programs. Before going to discuss about its features, let’s see the probable scenarios which take more time to boot up.

As a system user you might have seen that even a new OS can slow down with time. The major scenario behind this type of speed may be the amount of web sites you visit regularly. Since, every website you visit can store some data on your system hard disk as web history and cookie to make your search faster for the next time in case you visit the same website. The quantity of data which are being stored on hard disk under web history can slowly affect your PC performance. To get rid of such problem, you have to clean junk data. When you start a system, windows keep the traces of the way how the system starts and the apps you open. All this info gets stored in folder known as “Prefetch” which is sub folder of Windows folder and it can speed up the system when you open next time by referring this info. If the folder size becomes too large over a period of time, then it takes more RAM space, which ultimately ends up with sluggish PC.

Too many apps running simultaneously can reduce the speed of your computer. The only way to resolve such issues is to delete unwanted app that improve during the system boot time. In addition to this, collection of useless data on your system is a vital reason behind slow PC. For improving your system’s loading time, you have to go through with following suggestions:

  • Perform disk cleanup on regular basis to delete unnecessary data from registry of your system and other waste data from it.
  • After turning on your PC, you have to kill those processes which are running behind without any necessity and reducing its speed.
  • Defrag your hard disk to De-clutter the info across the HDD because it enhances the access time of data hence reduces its speed.
  • Use an updated Antivirus tool and do scanning of your computer regularly to make your system free from virus.

In case you are incapable to do above said tasks because of any reasons, use this simple to use application. It is an automated tool to boost the speed of system. After a prolonged research, experts have suggested to solve all the issues related to all the problems in the form of this utility.

Backup Entire Drive Using Backup & Restore

Backup & Restore alternative that’s available for you from Microsoft Windows is highly effective tool to create backup for the drive. Backup of the PC is very necessary. In instances whenever you confront overall failure of the system and need to get back the entire environment of your system as it had been; this Windows utility will be helpful. Backup and Restore alternative lets you create an image of particular drive/partition. Generally we do backup for the drive in which OS is actually installed. This Windows utility preserves the copy from the drive that mainly contains installed programs, system configurations and related data files and folders.

To know about the procedure of utilizing Windows utility, I am demonstrating a video tutorial that will explain the way to carry it out. Process is incredibly simple and can be done by simply looking at the tutorial.

Wasn’t that easy?  Well it must be but unpredictable because it is not constantly sure that it will create the image for the drive.

  • Usually, it can be possible that it can’t create system backup; reason could be hard disk read error.
  • Due to Bad Sectors located on your disk drive it would be possible that Windows utility will not be able to create the backup.

Due to doubted process of system backup, I will not really propose anyone to utilize this Windows utility.

I will demand to make use of some widely obtainable option. Any computer software that creates the Backup as Windows utility does. Search online to get some kind of computer software. Maybe it’s difficult to acquire the applicable one. Let me assist you along with one such computer software that executes proficiently and performs the duty of backup and restoration.

Remo MORE, software program that can help concur most of the issues with your computer system.  Basically, this software actually groups 4 modules.  Every module of it is actually specialized in solving distinct problem. Beneath “Recover” group on this software variety of modules tend to be maintained. Beneath this group one component is actually “Backup & Restore” which perform backup operations. Backup operations conducted using this module is quite similar to Windows backup and also provides easy way of maintaining.

Other than back-up and restoration different popular features of the software may be:

  • Really useful, as it works by using minimum system sources to complete the task.
  • Freeware program so no need to invest.
  • One software for all your PC problems.

In conclusion, I will just say to use this particular software.

Search & Recover Lost, Unsaved and Deleted Documents

May be you are not familiar with the matter that the document files may get deleted or lost anytime anyhow. Consider such a situation where once you are working with a newly created Word file or Excel or PowerPoint file and directly close them before finally saving the document properly. May be you have done something like this mistakenly but it can cost a great loss of important documents.

But there is no reason to consider such situation as the cause of permanent data loss. The deleted, lost or unsaved files can be regenerated from your computer hard drive. Apply some of these simple tricks, which can help you to get back access on your newly created, document files.

As soon you figure it out that you haven’t save the required file, immediately open the Microsoft Word or Excel application. Open it and try to find out the recently created files. Your unsaved file should be present in the list of recently opened files. But sometimes this list also contains nothing in case if computer shut down or power gets off. Then you can try out the other option, like search for all DOC files on your computer and try to get the required one among all other documents. But the whole process will be time consuming and messy too. So it will be helpful if you get such solution which not only restore your files but without taking so much of time.

For deleted or lost documents, which you have lost by mistake, you could have try to restore your files. If you don’t have the regular habit of pressing shift delete button, then you can try to find out it from recycle bin folder. That is too uncertain as those files may have bypassed from computer recycle bin.

Considering all these solutions and their drawbacks, it is always better to appoint a third party utility to take good care of your lost, deleted or unsaved document files. In this regard, you can go for the application kit, that is called More, which I found very helpful. The name More is enough as the extraordinary features of the software shows how much effective the software is. This free application provides the feature of quick recovery, which enables to find out lost or deleted documents, among all other files.

Some of the outstanding features of Remo More are,

  • Performs entire drive scanning within few minutes
  • Documents bypassed from recycle bin folder or shift deleted files can be recovered with the help of this software
  • Restores document files in all situation of data loss, for example drive format, corrupted drive partition.

No need to operate anything manually as the software is itself an all rounder. Download, install the software on computer. Run it on your system whenever required and restore lost or deleted document files.


Authoritative Tool to Lock Files

Data is stored in the form of files and folders on hard disk of your system. If you are regular user of computer and it contains your office related files, documents and other confidential files on it, it is very important to provide security to those files due to numerous threats like hacking, device theft, snooping, simple carelessness, etc. Consider a scenario in which you are corporate employee and have stored your sensitive files related to business on your system which has to access many users. The other users have to access your computer could checkout your files and make some changes. Hence, it results in security problem. Thus, all users need to be careful about their files while sharing them with others. Now, the question arises, how to avoid such data threats? If you do not know the exact answer, then just read further.

Today, many users prefer to hide their files and think it is the best way for data security. Obviously, it is the finest option, but there is no guarantee that others cannot checkout their crucial files. Because it is not difficult to make those files visible. Therefore, this is not the best option. Another option that can be attempted is assigning permissions to the files. However, others can alter this permission, when users have system password. So, this method fails.

The only option left out for you is to lock your files with a password. How to lock files? Is it simple and easy? Yes, it is very easy to lock your crucial files with a strong password. Whether it is your documents, project reports, pictures or videos, you can lock them up. It is to be performed by using a highly praised tool called Remo More. It restricts the access to illegal users and is considered best option to lock your vital files. When you lock a file then all the content of the file is encrypted with a key which is your password and no one can access it without valid password. Hence, it is the safest method to provide security to your files having valuable info. If hackers try to open your locked files then they are asked for password and until they will not enter right password they cannot open your files. Thus, their hacking attempt fails without any clue.

By using Remo More you can lock down your files and folders with password protection and encrypt critically significant information. This tool helps you to lock all your files at once. The files could be Word documents, APK files, excel sheets, pictures, audio, videos, pdf documents, etc. All versions of both Mac and Windows are supported by this perfect software. In order to use this utility, there is no need to have technical knowledge, so novice users can easily use it. Once you lock the files by using this tool, apart from you others cannot access the files until you provide valid password. In the event, if you want to remove the password given to all files, then employ the “Remove Files” option given by this program. As a result of all these features, it is called proficient way of locking sensitive files and prevents data threats.

Files which are locked by using Remo More tool are encrypted in such a way that internal names and content is invisible until it is unlocked. To lock a file or folder this utility can give you an option to browse and identify the files or folders on your system and after choosing specific files you are able to lock I by setting a master key in a very less duration of time. Its high GUI can help users step by step by providing clear solutions.

Speed up Booting by Disabling Start up Programs

Is your Windows taking time to Boot?
If it is, then you have to think about your system. Yes, it is an issue that must be taken in consideration. If you are not aware of the fact that slow booting in general way can be considered as laziness. There may be a lot of causes to slow boot but the most important kinds is listed in this article,

  • Programs which are enabled to start on, Windows start lower the booting speed.
  • Your pc can be infected having a Trojan or even a malware.
  • Too many background or hidden services, lesser the Windows OS booting speed.
  • Windows version you are employing is also a great factor.
  • Issue with RAM memory in your system or less capacity of RAM.

Some of the concerns might be fixed through following these types as stated,

  • Make use of mild antivirus software.
  • Try using shutdown instead of hibernate or sleep to power off your system.
  • If using earlier versions of Windows then try to migrate to Windows 8. They have wonderful boot up time. Just takes less than 10 seconds to boot.
  • Disable applications which burden your personal computer at start up.

Many over, I seemed to be using a term Boot. What this particular Boot can be?
In computer related terminology this means loading set of programs or maybe instructions to start the operating system. This really is a considerable factor in OS development.
Every single OS designer wants to minimize the particular boot up time; time interval between the start of system to login screen.

Windows designer has given the option of startup manager, which copes with startup applications by which we are able to reduce our boot up time period.
It is quite helpful that helps us to enables/disables the programs that are configured as start up.

Shown here is an online video which will let you how to perform this action using Windows Administrative tool, startup manager.

However Windows Startup manager is reasonably helpful but there are several drawbacks

  • Process can be time consuming.
  • Programs details are not fully explained to which service they actually belong.
  • Requires deep knowledge for this because these are Administrative tools and need to be taken consideration while using.

Therefore, I will not really, give you an advice to use this Administrative tool in order to disable startup applications and also to speed the boot time.
Instead, I will advise you to utilize freeware or maybe many shareware software packages.

I would like you to prefer freeware option, usually the one I am up with — Remo MORE.
You could possibly choose other software. You can find them very easily, online. However, I and my friends prefer to use this particular software, not because it’s some sort of freeware but due to its performance and user-friendly attractive interface.

To enhance boot speed or maybe reducing boot time interval or maybe disabling startup applications, Remo MORE incorporates a module which does this, known as “Start-Up Speed Enhancer”.

This specific module delivers features like:

  • Enhances Windows start up applications.
  • Offers you to control boot time and manage speed of your Computer.
  • Decreases Computer boot up time and also boost Computer speed and performance.

My suggestion, personally to all is, to use the software and determine.

Good software to Perform XD Card Media Recovery

Took some snaps from my daddy’s old camera, later those files were not at all visible!

Some of the old modeled cameras like that of Fujifilm’s use XD card. These cameras support only these XD card. I was using same kind of camera but the problem was that captured photos were neither visible in camera or in computer. I was helpless at that moment. So, I turned to internet and found a very positive way to recover the media files. The software which I choose to recover the media files was Remo Recover. I was able to choose this software by myself from the user reviews and feedback which were al positive. I used the software and boom! Recovery of media files was fast like anything and also original to what I had captured. Some of the features are mentioned below:

Solid Features:

Remo Recover is software which is capable of recovering lost files from all kinds of memory cards used in camera or camcorders. This software is capable of recovering all form s of media files supported in XD card like photo, video etc. Remo Recover provides a very unique feature to pause and play the recovery session so that user can carry on with other activities by making a pause in recovery session. Moreover, it also allows user to identify XD card media for recovery at individual level. This feature allows user to choose individual files for instant recovery. This software is compatible with all Windows computer versions. The graphical user interface used is very much intuitive in design making the most novice users to make quick understanding of the recovery process.

Scenarios supported:

This software supports recovery of media files from various scenarios possible. Consider a user wants to delete a particular media file in XD card. But if the user accidentally deletes required media files which are important to the user from computer. Then this may appear as huge loss of precious old moments. But, no need to worry because Remo Recover is the ideal answer for recovering files. XD cards should be inserted properly and removed according to the technical procedure. But, if user performs abrupt removal or improper mounting of XD card from camera, then all of those files will get lost from XD card. Again Remo Recover is the answer for the problem. While transferring files to computer, sudden disconnection between XD card and computer should be avoided other wise user will have to face data loss scenario. While operating camera, media loss can happen like accidental pressing of format or delete option which will require recovery of files.

Steps to recovery:

  • Download, install and start the recovery process.
  • Select “Recover Photos” after that select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “ Recover Lost Photos” based on the scenario.
  • Select the drive of XD card in computer and choose the required files which need to be recovered.
  • Initiate the recovery process. Wait for a while.
  • Meanwhile use option like save recovery session or file preview.
  • Save the recovered files in destined location.

Economic Utility to Increase PC Speed

A newly purchased computer has good speed and very efficient. However, after some times the speed of the computer slows down, this can make you feel nervous especially when you want to carry out some important operations. After encountering such problem, most of the users think to buy new computer, but it is wastage of money and there is no guarantee that you cannot come across this situation again. Thus, instead of buying new PC, if you employ influential third party tool, then it will be effective for you.

The main reason behind this is disk fragmentation, wherein files will be fragmented into several small parts and saved on various locations, wherever the free space is found. As a result of which, all files get stored on hard drive and thus your system becomes more and more fragmented. Hence, when you attempt to access a file, your Operating System has to collect all the chunks of that file, rearrange them and opens the file. The same process continuous when you run any application or boot your computer. Therefore, the overall speed of the computer gets affected. In such scenarios, you will be worried on what can I do to speed up my computer? Is it right? No need to worry, simply by defragmenting your hard disk you can increase your PC speed.

Now, let us highlight some other reasons behind computer’s slow behavior:

Less space on hard disk

Too many unwanted programs

Left over programs and temp files

Several programs running in background or at start-up

Virus or malware attack

How to enhance computer speed?

Remove browsing history and temp files: Clearing browsing history, cookies and temporary internet files can assist you to boost your system. In order to carry out so, go to your mentioned internet browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. and choose the corresponding tab and remove browsing history. For clearing temp internet files from system simply go to start and in “Run” box type “temp” and click on ”Enter”. Since you clicked on enter option you will get an option to choose and erase useless files and folders.

Remove useless Registry entries: Infection of deadly viruses or malwares and any other suspicious programs corrupt the PC. These programs generate useless registry values in the computer and its performance becomes slow.

Unwanted software which is already installed by system manufacturer, which cannot use decreases the system speed by consuming more memory space of hard disk.

When you are employing internet on PC, possibilities of getting download of surplus extensions and browser plug-ins are high which affects the speed of your PC. Hence, if you optimize the browser setting by clearing surplus plug-ins and extensions that are responsible for slow performance of PC.

If you did not find above this method effective then employ Remo More software, its privacy cleaner option will clear browsing history, cookies, duplicate files, accelerating start-up / shutdown time of PC and junk files in just matter of few minutes. Furthermore, it can recognize unwanted registry and fixes them to prevent registry errors. This standalone program is freely available to boost up the response time. Its special mechanism organizes the PC files in such a way so that files can be accessed in faster way, this in turn enhances computer speed.


Never open large programs all at once

Install updated antivirus tool to remove viruses

Erase unnecessary files to free up drive space

Keep defragging your hard disk on regular basis to improve your PC speed

Empty the Recycle bin twice in a week.

Efficient Software to Recover Lost Files from MacBook PRO

My MacBook Pro was filled with various kinds of files, now no longer accessible. What to do now?

This can be a question in disgust of any MacBook Pro user who has been using his/her portable device for quite a long time and comes at a stage when the files are no longer viewable. This is in fact common with many laptop users all round the globe. So, is there any common way to bring back your laptop to its natural state? The answer is using a third party application which can recover those files back. But how is it possible to get back the lost files. The answer to this basic question is that even after the files get lost, they still remain in the hard disk of the computer which can be recovered by using third party application. Let’s consider some of the basic precautions which any user should consider taking to avoid file loss in MacBook Pro.

Some Precautions:

While using third party application in MacBook PRO to edit or perform some function with file. Because if the third party application used for editing is not trustworthy, then those files are in danger to get lost from the laptop. So, next time you choose any particular application to edit files, then do take proper care to choose the right software. Secondly virus infection is also a main cause behind files getting lost. Virus attack in computer is rising day by day in computers all over the world. So, do invest small money to buy good antivirus software to save your precious files from getting lost. Third important precaution which any user should consider is to take proper care while transferring files from laptop to external drive or memory card. Always remove the connection cable only after completely transferring the files, this can reduce any probability of losing files from MacBook Pro. User may sometime forget to follow the precautions. So, the third party application which can save you in all such blunder situations is Remo Recover.

Is the software reliable?

Depending on a third party software is risky these days, but one can always look into the user ratings and feedback to know the reliability of the software. Remo Recover has scored good in this scale and is trusted by its users. The recovery of file is perfect in every manner and user gets back original file after the recovery process.

Features to look after:

Remo Recover performs recovery of lost files by making a copy of the lost files and then performing recovery of files in MacBook Pro. This ensures files in MacBook Pro from getting corrupted. Moreover, one can always look forward to the richness in the content of recovered lost files from MacBook PRO. Remo Recover is capable to recover lost files from various versions of Mac products like Mac desktop, Mac laptop, portable music devices like iPod, iPad etc. Another important feature of this software is save recovery session allowing user to save the recovery session and resume it after any time.

Outstanding Methods to Enhance Computer Performance

In today’s competitive world, computer plays an important role in everybody’s life. It is used in schools, offices, companies and universities for managing important information. However, the common issues are faced by universal users is its poor speed. It is really annoying incidence for users to wait for minutes to get response for the specific request.  No one wants to work on a slow and computer. When user starts to search for major reasons behind this problem, he / she will get plenty of reasons. Whatever might be reasons behind this prevalence, never losing hope of improving the performance of computer.

Every PC user hopes that their system should work faster without any intrusion and getting sluggish behavior. However, if it is not working properly means it is a common problem for all. Are you still facing the same issue related to your system’s speed? If so, do not get fret because there is effective software called Remo More is developed to boost the computer. This tool is included with special dimension and provides a unique identity in resolving user’s issues. Before going to understand its best features, let us see more causes in which your PC becomes slow. It is completely automated utility to speed up the computer.

First of all, computer becomes slow when registry of your system is filled with junk files. Registry is a large database and includes info regarding settings and other critical info associated with each program installed on the system.

Second one is low memory space. If the size of the RAM is low and you are running multi tasks, your system becomes slow since, Ram is the major memory for computer and for every program that is being executed enough space to be obtainable in the major memory. If its size is small than the amount of space needed for the execution of the program, then there is gradual decrease in performance of the system.

In order to speed up the system, you need to get a faster drive. Check for all problems associated with hard drive speed like RPMs, seek speed, cache size, data transfer rate, etc. while configuring hard disk in your system. The speeds of hard disks are the major problems for sluggish performance of computers and replace your PC hard drives with SSDs since, they are more efficient than hard drives in terms of booting time, transfer rate, etc. Increase the size of RAM memory as it is the primary memory which is employed by Operating System to carry out search for information.

Collection of junk files in the computer is one more factor for its slow performance. They get collected due to installing many apps, toolbars, browser plug-ins, apps that run at startup and running automatic updates for numerous tools are some more things that you need to keep update. This in turn leads to entry of viruses into your PC. Thus, you need to remove and uninstall unwanted programs from the system to enhance its speed. Erasing the browser can improve computer performance. Clear cache regularly and never launch many apps at a time as it will consume more to time to handle all apps one by one and performance slows down.

There are some precautionary measures to be followed to increase the speed of computer:

Always do disk clean up to delete unwanted data from registry of your PC and other unwanted data from computer.

Kill the processors which are running background without any need when you turn on the computer.

Employ updated antivirus tool to scan your system regularly to remove viruses from it.