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Fast Software to Speed up PC Internet

Pages of a website link are not opening fast in PC. Is it due to slow server of the site?

In such a situation, user should first check that whether the internet connection is slow or not. This can be done by opening different sites and checking their connectivity. If the internet connection is slow in all the sites, then it can be conformed that the internet connection is in actual slow otherwise if a particular website is slow, then there is problem with that site. How to cope up with such a slow internet connection is what a user should be looking forward to.

How to make connection faster?

Manually, this can be performed by removing junk files from the browser settings. Removing those applications which consume internet bandwidth without even giving any notification to the user can boost up PC internet to some level. For example applications like Gtalk, Yahoo messenger, antivirus and other applications keeps on consuming internet data, hence diverts the internet traffic in PC from the site which user wants to open in the browser. Even clearing the accumulated browser history, cookies and cache from browser can help to boost up PC internet connection. To ensure speed up for longer duration, it should be followed religiously in periodic manner. Believe me; this can be difficult at times. So, using an automated method which monitors all the above described steps is a more positive means.

Automated method to speedup:

Using third party application software to increase the PC speed is the automated way. Remo MORE is one among such speed up software which guarantees internet speedup in PCs. Using this software, speedup in internet can be experienced at immediate effect.

Speedy features:

Remo MORE makes use of algorithm which ensures faster and efficient speed up pc internet. It essentially makes change in the required settings in internet connection. It checks for the source of connection and connects it using the best optimized settings. This software works all the versions of Windows computer. Whether it is browser like Chrome, Safari or Mozilla, pc internet speed up is guaranteed. For beginner users, GUI helps in speedy grasping of steps to use the software.

More scenarios:

An outdated version of internet browser can result in slower loading of particular pages. This software can help the user in timely reminding of browser updates. Sometimes removal of particular applications consuming internet data becomes a necessity. This is easily performable by this software.

Steps to speed up:

  • Initialize this small sized software in your PC.
  • Choose “Enhance” and then “Internet Speed Enhancer”.
  • Select “Speed Enhancer”, checkmark the network type used in PC and finally click on “Optimize” tab.
  • After confirmation message is displayed your PC is ready to be used with speeded up internet connection.


Use internet browser which is reliable and download it only from trustworthy sites. If you are using internet in laptop and WIFI is on. Internet data saving tip: Then, it is advisable to keep password in WIFI in order to stop those people from eating out the internet data.

Delete Android App History

Have you heard about the app history problem?

If you nod your head for yes then I got something interesting for you. One of the major problems that the Android users facing now a day is security related risks. Many users have registered some complaints that their app information is leaked to the outer world and repeatedly they are attacked by specific poisoned ads. On tracing the root cause for the problem we come to know that using the app history that is available in the Android devices is accessed by those mischievous people. Now the Android development firm is striking their head hard to find the apt solution for these kinds of problems. Until that the so far found solution for this kind of risk is deleting the Android app history.

Even though Android users know the right solutions for their security related problems they still lack behind because reaching the application history files manually involves a lot of potential risks. Moreover there are chances that people may miss out the settings or Misconfiguration. So many Android users suggested that any good Android applications for deleting Android app history will be sophisticated and handy. So far Remo MORE is the one and only recognized Android application that successfully deletes all the so far available Android application history in any Android devices. This includes both Smartphones and tablets that run on Android operating system.

There are many advantages are also there for recommending this Android application for deleting Android app history. This application makes use of highly structured and well deserved algorithm to delete Android app history files. This application provides options to the users to delete the app history files either permanently or temporarily. Apart from this there are other advantages as well. They are as follows.

  • Can be installed in any Android versions
  • Freeware and easy to download and install
  • Provides advanced deletion options for advanced users
  • Provides a round the clock technical support facility
  • Provides one click solution to delete the complete history in Android devices
  • This application released only after undergoing a lot of testing strategies including security and performance testing

For installation and other user manuals for testing the Remo MORE application on deleting Android app history kindly go through the essential steps provided below. These steps are highly needed for naïve Remo MORE and Android users.

  • Install the application from the Google play store
  • Click the Optimize button on the main screen
  • Select privacy cleaner button from the next screen
  • Select one click clean option or clean history option on the current screen to clean the application history in your Android device
  • All at once the Remo MORE application will clear all the junks in your Android device if the “One click clean” option is pressed
  • If the clear history option is used then only the history files that are available in the Android device will only be deleted and the Android device performance will be boosted

Password Protect Folders in Windows 7

I am using a shared user account in my office PC. However, I have some important official data to safe guard from other office members. There are some tender quoted documents in that shared Windows 7 user account. Till date it is safe and secured with me. Now I need to password protect some of those above mentioned folders in Windows 7. Is there any easy way to password protect folders in Windows 7 operating system? If so give a detailed explanation about the application and workings…

I need to protect some important official folders in a commonly used PC in my office. Is there any good tool or Windows utility to password protect folders in Windows 7 operating system? I need that tool at any cost because those files are highly confidential and should not be leaked at any cost.

To be truthful the Windows 7 operating system doesn’t have any inbuilt utility or allied applications to support password protect folders in Windows 7 operating system. So the best way to password protects folders in Windows 7 operating system is by using third party software. At the same time these third party software must be reliable and trustworthiness. If we fail to choose Windows 7 password protection software of that kind in the sense then it will be huge loss both aesthetically and economically as well. This is because commonly people go for a folder password protection only to secure the most important data. So if the locker is manufactured by a thief or any other people whose intent is to steal the data inside the safe then it will be huge mess.

Remo MORE is one of the digitally signed applications for password protecting your most confidential files. This Remo MORE application is designed and developed by a group of highly skilled developers in a descriptive environment. This application is digitally signed and certified by many popular security concerns to ensure data safety in all the levels. Some of the most popular benefits of this Remo MORE application on Windows 7 operating system are listed here. This bunch if credits have got a successful standing ovation in a very short span of time.  They are

  • Digitally signed and ensures a 100 percent fool proof method is followed to ensure data security
  • Make use of a power packed encryption and decryption mechanism in all levels
  • User friendly graphical interface to give the user a pleasant feel and look
  • Can be installed and used in all Windows 7 version builds such as professional, ultimate etc
  • Stuns the user with various levels of encryption and locking mechanisms for advance users
  • Successfully supports Windows 7 operating system used in touch screen laptops as well

This mighty Remo MORE software can be used with greater accuracy range. If you want to be an expert

in using Remo MORE application in your Windows 7 operating system then follow and proceed with the steps provided here.

  • Install the software
  • In the next upcoming screens choose the following options
  • File Protector
  • File /Folder locker
  • Choose the folders that need to be locked in your Windows 7 operating system
  • Hit lock button to safe guard your folders

How to compress video files in Windows 8?

Windows 8 – One of the latest articulator in the operating system category of Microsoft Corporation. This eventual operating system supports a wide range of media files which includes videos. These videos are quiet a disaster always for the Windows users particularly the Windows 8 operating system. Since the Windows 8 operating system is one of the recently released operating system and a lot of users have faced many consequences in using that operating system particularly in handling large video files. The operating system by itself took a lot of space after that storing all the media files with large volumes is really a tough task. So it is necessary to compress video files in Windows 8 operating system.

Compressing video files in Windows 8 operating system is not an easy task as well. Choosing the right software to compress video files needs a lot knowledge exposure as well. There are certain things that need to be noted before deploying any software for compressing video files. Most of all the archiving software must not cause any damage to the video files because the video which produce a higher resolution also a higher sensitive one. So it is highly necessary to choose software that is digitally signed and free from all possible potential threats. Here is software which is one among them and a powerful one as well.

Remo MORE is that application which owes an impressive track record in the field of video files compression in Windows 8 operating system. This software is stuffed with a lot of essential advantages that makes this product ahead of all other video compression software that runs in Windows 8 operating system. Some of the top credited advantages of Remo MORE software that had created an impact in users mind are as follows.

  • Compresses the video files of any video standards and any video formats
  • Can be installed easily in all build versions of Windows 8 operating system
  • Easy and friendly user interface to support the user at all aspects
  • Compresses the video files with greater accuracy
  • Provides additional options like splitting of compressed files are available
  • Provides a variety of options for choosing the best compression standards for their video files

How to compress video files Windows 8?

Installations and using this application in Windows 8 operating system for compressing video files is as easy as clicking few mouse buttons. All a naïve user need to do is just go with the systematic procedure provided here

  • Download and install the software.
  • Choose “Manage” button on the main screen
  • Click “compress and burn
  • Select “Create new RZIP
  • Browse the video files and place the video file inside the RZIP
  • Once the video files are added to the RZIP hit “compress” button and proceed
  • A progress bar showing the compression process will be displayed
  • Now the user will get a compressed video file in the same location of the original source files


Always choose the correct compression standard for compressing video files in Windows 8 operating system. If failed it may create a huge impact on the video files resulting a damaged video file when extracted from the compression.

How to Compress a File?

I am using a Windows PC in my home and a Mac PC in my office. I tried to transfer some data from Windows to Mac PC. Thinking of a faster transmission I compressed those files Windows inbuilt archive utility. Unfortunately when I tried to open those compressed files in Mac OS but failed. It throws an error saying that unsupported file format. Now I need to find compression software that can compress and decompress files on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Is there any software that perfectly compresses and decompress files in both Windows and Mac operating system and also explain how to compress a file using that software?   

I tried to upload software to my existing Gmail account but eventually Gmail is restricting me from uploading those .exe files. I tried uploading after compressing those .exe files but unluckily I failed in that too. Is there any optimal software to compress a .exe file that is accepted by Gmail services?

File compression problems is one of the growing challenges in the data storage industry. The queries mentioned above are some of the few but high prioritized challenges. Answering for the first query mentioned above is that each compression utilities uses unique compression and decompression standards. Likewise the supporting platform like operating system and file operation access also varies accordingly. In both the cases we can achieve the maximum throughput if legitimate file compression software is used. At the same time this software must have the potentiality to work on both Windows and Mac operating systems without causing any damage to the compressed files.

Remo MORE is one of those eminent software categories that owes a powerful compression and decompression standard that works on both Windows and Mac operating systems. This eventual compression mechanism has high prioritized compression ratio rate which provides a one hundred percent fool proof facility of the inner compressed files. Apart from these there are several advantages as well. They are.

  • Successfully works on both 32 bit and 54 bit operating system
  • User can compress in one operating system and decompress from other operating system
  • The user can upload and download the compressed files to any email services such as Google and yahoo
  • User can upgrade the security standard to next level be providing password protected file compression
  • Provides customized option to the users by making them to choose among various compression standards

How to compress a file using Remo MORE?

Installing and using Remo MORE software is not a complexion rocket science. While installing and using the Remo MORE software you will automatically come to know about the installation and usage procedure follow the step by step procedure sequences provided here.

  • Accept the software by download and installing it in your Windows or Mac PC
  • Select the “Manage” button from the main window screen
  • Following that choose the “Compress and Burn” option on this screen
  • Select ZIP type and choose “Create new RZIP” option
  • Now give a name for the compression format and add the files to the compressed RZIP
  • After successfully adding the files click on “Compress” button
  • Now a success message will be displayed


For compression and decompression mechanism Remo MORE software need to be installed. Apart from Remo MORE application none other application has the capacity to break the compression format.

How to clear whatsapp history?

Do you know that one of the world famous application whatsapp is acquired by the infamous web celebrity “Facebook”?  If your answer is yes then you are one of the people who were watching the tech industry very close. We have nothing to do with that but it shows the passion of users to the things that sophisticate their day to day life. Whatsapp is one of the applications if that kind. It had created a huge buzz after its release. Though the Whatsapp has been one of the popular messenger and communication applications that had shrunken the global village to a global street there are some drawbacks and defects as well. One of the major defects of Whatsapp application is whenever the user enjoys a media file it will be stored in the local by default.

Though the Whatsapp application provides option to clear the unwanted media files from the device but it’s not a flexible and fully fledged one. So the user needs to find a perfect application for clearing the Whatsapp junks particularly the Whatsapp history. There are chances that these media history files created via Whatsapp application will definitely lead to some highly potential threats at times. So it is highly necessary to clear Whatsapp history now and then. Remo MORE is one of the pioneering applications that can easily clear all kind of history from Whatsapp application folders located inside the smart device. The Remo MORE software uses an extremely powerful algorithm to get in-depth and clearing the history files. Apart from these there are several advanced features in this application that gained a world class applauds very easily within a very small duration. They are

  • Can download and use the application at free of cost
  • Successfully runs in both iOS and Android platforms
  • Well supportable with Smartphones and tablet devices
  • It’s a digitally signed application so the Whatsapp history files are confidentially deleted
  • Not only the Whatsapp history Remo MORE provides option to clear other history files as well from your iOS and Android devices

Anyone can experience the familiarity and compatibility of the Remo MORE software once they have their hands on this Remo MORE software. To be successful in this process the user doesn’t need to be an expert in the field of electronic devices and technologies. Just a basic knowledge is more than enough to download and use Remo MORE software. For naïve users here are the steps that guide you to clear the Whatsapp history within minutes.

  • Install the application in your Android or iOS device either a Smartphone or a tablet
  • Choose optimize from the hone menu
  • Following that select Whatsapp cleaner button on the next upcoming screens
  • In the next upcoming window choose type of media files that tracks should be cleared from the device
  • Now the list of media files on the selected category will appear
  • Hit select all and touch the clean button to complete the Whatsapp history clearing process

Likewise all the media files history inside the Whatsapp application can be deleted easily using Remo MORE software.

Awesome Software which makes Computer Work Computer Faster

This is the most usual question that any computer user would have confronted. Whenever new computers are bought they are borne to be super fast. But as time passes computer becomes older, it becomes slower and makes the user to ask the same above question. Why does this happen? In simple language, computer starts to perform slower because things start to get bundled up inside it and is the root cause.

Possible causes of computer getting slow:

A user may have stored large amount of data and applications in computer, this will over accumulate the hard disk turning the computer into slow machine. Even keeping copied files and folders inside the computer eats up your hard disk memory space. The internet browser of the computer may have large set of history items, cookies and cache stored in it. If these things are not cleared for a long time, then it may mess up with your computer speed. Registry can also be the main cause for slow performance in your computer, if it’s not cleared from time to time.

How computer works faster?

There are rigorous procedures to make the computer perform faster. It starts right from cleaning up the registry with erroneous data. Identifying the same files and folders in your computer and then deleting the copied items. Checking the browser and performing clearing of the browser history, cookies and cache. All these rigorous steps can be performed by single software called Remo MORE. It all can be performed by just a single click in this software.

Perfect Features:

Remo MORE is perfect software in terms of boosting up computer speed. After using this software user will never feel to ask the question: how can I make my computer faster. This software uses algorithm which enables the software to perform its task of increasing the speed of the computer within few minutes of duration. This software performs all those tasks automatically, which a user of computer should perform automatically in order to increase the speed of computer. It identifies and removes duplicate files in a rapid manner. The graphical user interface used in this software is very much appreciable due to enhanced visuals and easy to understand boosting steps. This software supports both Mac and Windows computers.

Steps to make computer perform faster:

  • Download and install Remo MORE software in your computer.
  • Select “Optimize” option from the four basic options of MORE.
  • Next screen will guide you towards a window tablets. Showing five tablets in particular, choose Registry Cleaner.
  • Different options regarding cleaning up registry will be shown, choose the one which best suits your computers requirement.
  • Just click on “Quick Scan” which starts performing the scan operation in a fast manner and shows a list of errors which can be fixed by a single click, after this process the computer is operable at a faster rate.

Some tips:

Once in a month do try to clear up the browsing history, cache and cookies to experience faster browsing in computer. If you want to take backup or copy of data, then do take it in external memory devices and not in the same computer for better computer speed. Keeping copy of data in same computer eats out storage space.

Compress Video Files Mac

My video files are occupying a lot of space in my Mac PC. Is there any possible way to compress these video files in Mac operating system with good compression standards and extract them when needed?

Is there any easy and powerful compression tool to compress video files in Mac operating systems and the compression standard should be capable enough to upload the compressed video file to an email account or a cloud account?

Video files are one of the files that occupy a lot of space in your PC particularly videos with high quality fetches a large amount of space in the PC. Since these video files are a compressed form of media files such as audio, pictures etc. they owe much space than any other files in the system storage. At the same time video files of HD type has a lot of stuffs inside for the betterment of the picture quality. Since these video files are already in a compressed format, compressing it again may create possible threats to the video files. A reliable answer for the above mentioned questions is yes there is a powerful tool with the required mechanism to compress video files Mac. The needs, functionality and procedural working of the tool are provided here.

What is the name of that tool?

The name of the Mac application is Remo MORE. Its inevitable power packed mechanism can compress all kind of video files to ZIP and RZIP files within minutes. Using this compression format the Mac user can compress the video files individually as well as in groups. Since the software is more concerned about the security of the user data files there are option to compress and safeguard the video files through password methods. These compressed video files can be uploaded to any email accounts and cloud computing servers. The other specialized advantage of this software that keeps this software on top among others is listed here as well.

  • Round the clock customer support
  • Flawless mechanism to compress video files in Mac
  • Available for free of cost
  • All low quality and high quality video files can be compressed with great compression ratio
  • Simple installation and easy to use procedure
  • Well supported by all Mac OSX versions including the latest Mavericks

What is the procedure to install and use the software to compress video files in Mac?

Installing and using the software in Mac operating system is very simple. All you need to do is just download the software from the official site and install it in the Mac operating system as similar to other Mac applications. After installing the software in your Mac operating system just follow the instructions provided here. In the main screen choose “Manage” option and “compress” button in the next popping up window. Now select “Create new ZIP file or RZIP file” based on the needs. A new empty ZIP or RZIP file will be created. Now add the video to that compressed ZIP and the finally click on compress button to complete.

The compressed video file will be created in the same location of the source video location. Just attach this compressed video files to the web source when required.


While transferring this compressed video file to a newer system just make sure to use the same Remo MORE software for viewing the compressed video or decompressing the video file because using some other application or tool to deploy the compressed video files will result in a irrecoverable damage to the video files making it unplayable in any Mac players.

Simple Way to Improve Laptop performance

Is your laptop running slow? What if your laptop is lacking a bit on the performance side? At times, due to unknown reasons your laptop performance might slow down but with the right solution, you can definitely improve your  laptop performance in just few mouse clicks.

These days, the key factors for laptops are would be battery life, weight and physical dimensions. Even though the latest generations of laptops are fast enough for most apps, desktop software and games, they require a bit more power and speed as and when the laptops become old. Thus, it is important to improve the performance, but this can’t be done miraculously! So now how to increase the laptop performance? Don’t worry; with the help of Remo MORE suite you can easily improve laptop performance with just few simple clicks.

What could be the reasons for decreased laptop performance?

There is no one single reason for slow laptop performance. Many reasons exist, but some of the common reasons are as listed below:

  • Presence of unused or unwanted files: Memory space available on the laptop hard drive will also play a vital role in the laptop performance. If your laptop hard drive contains unused files then there will be less space for OS, thus decreasing the laptop performance. Hence, make sure your system if free from such unwanted junk files.
  • Fragmented hard drive: Fragmentation is a process of dividing the file into number of chunks and saving them on different locations on the hard drive as per the available space. With this hard drive would take more time to collect and rearrange all the file chunks. Due to this your laptop performance would decrease.
  • Temporary internet files and cookies: When you browse internet on your laptop, some of the cookies and temporary internet files will be saved on your laptop to provide quick access to that page later. This would become junk files and occupy unnecessary storage space if not removed regularly and hinder the laptop performance.

These are some of the common issues however, there are many such reasons like registry errors, program errors, duplicate files, recycle bin or trash files etc. all these would result in decreased laptop speed. However, there could be numerous reasons that lead to decreased performance. But the solution is only one. Yes! Remo MORE suite is the only solution that could help you improve your laptop performance with simple steps.

More about Remo MORE

Remo MORE is an excellent utility that could scan your entire laptop hard drive and fix all the above mentioned issues effortlessly. It is a free suite that is loaded with many numerous tools to increase the laptop performance for free.

  • Can easily scan and fix all the registry errors in just few minutes
  • Defrag your laptop securely without causing any damage to the laptop hard drive
  • Remove all the junk files including temporary internet files, cookies, browser history etc.
  • Frees up unwanted memory consumed by the recycle bin or Trash files
  • Can be used on all versions of both Mac and  Windows OS
  • Not just laptop performance, the tool can also improve the Android phone and iPhone

Moreover, the tool is highly compatible with all available laptop brands like Lenovo, Dell, Sony, Samsung, HP, Toshiba, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and many more. For more details about the software and its performance, click here.

Unique traits of Remo MORE

  • Easy-to-use tool with highly intuitive UI
  • Provides on-screen instructions to ease the process
  • Simple procedure and just one click to improve your complete procedure

Steps to use increase laptop performance

  • Download the Remo MORE software and install it on your laptop
  • Once you run the tool, from the main screen just select “Enhance” option
  • Now in the consecutive screen choose “One Click Maintenance” option
  • With this the tool starts scanning your laptop and lists all the errors and warnings
  • Now click on the “Fix Errors” option to clear fix all the errors and improve the performance  

Best Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate files are the worst nightmares of the PC users now a day’s. Though the data storage has evolved and grown a lot in recent years using the available storage space efficiently is still a hectic process. It frequently appears in both the normal home PC users and commercial PC users as well. One of the main factors that itches the data storage in PC is duplicate files. Duplicate files are files that are mirrored replica of the original source files in the same location or a different location. There are several reasons for duplicate files creation in the PC storage area. Here are some of the commonly found reasons that the user may create duplicate files are provided below. A recent report says that the user creates around 90% of the duplicate files in the PC storage device purposefully. So it’s our grievance to manage the file duplications and other file operations properly.

Popular reasons for duplicate files:

  • Repeated backing up of the same source files through an automated software
  • Saving the same source files in two or more different locations intentionally and unintentionally
  • Installing the same software in two or more different drive volumes
  • Setting data backup in two or more places to ensure data safety at emergency situations
  • Accidental copy paste also creates duplicate files frequently

Solution to find duplicate files:

There are several ways and methods to find duplicate files in your PC. If the duplicate files are in lower level or minimal the user can get rid of them through manual effort itself. Suppose if the duplicate files are extremely in large volume or out of reach for human efforts then it is better to find a best duplicate file finder software like the one provided here. When allocating this job to a duplicate file finder software like Remo MORE there are lot of advantages are there such as automated software never make mistakes like human. Now there arise a second query “Which is the best duplicate file finder software?” according to me the answer to this question depends on the environment. Here is one of those that many people are using right now particularly the people from the technocrats industry.

What are the advantages of this duplicate file finder?

There are several advantages in using Remo MORE. The foremost advantage of this software is this software not only finds the duplicate files in the PC but also provides option to delete those duplicate files both temporarily and permanently. Pulls out duplicates files of all categories with any file extension and has the ability to sort them based on the category as well. Moreover, the software provides customizable options to the user so that the user can sort out the unwanted duplicate files from the most needed one. This software is available in the internet at totally free of cost.

Sequential procedure to find duplicate files:

If Remo MORE is by your side then there will not be much work for the users. All the user has to do to find duplicate files is download the software, install the software in Windows or Mac operating system, find the duplicate files and delete them in few clicks. The terminologies that the user need to follow while using the software are Optimize >> Remove duplicates >> Folder Duplicacy finder >> Add files. After selecting this buttons in the apt screens choose the folder that need to be used as a source file. If you want to optimize the duplicate file search, select the drive volumes or folders that need to be scanned for duplicate files. Now all the duplicate files from the selected drives and folders will be pulled out. Choose the unwanted duplicate files by check boxing it and delete them either temporarily or permanently.